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How do Jackie Daniels and Miracle Whips blast through the pack? How do Lexi Cuter and Bruiseberry Pie set their traps? What are Dusty and Hellcat thinking at half-time?


They’re all here: the hits, the jukes, the strategies, the pre-game tension, the post-game victories and defeats in the only book to combine gritty, up-close and personal derby photography with the athletes’ own comments: exactly what they were thinking and doing the moment the camera shutter snapped.


Get right inside the heads of big name derby stars like Jackie Daniels, The Smacktivist, Iron Wench, Beaver Mansbridge and over 160 other skaters, refs and coaches representing 19 leagues across Canada and the United States. They'll take you on an intimate, insider's journey through every hard-hitting moment.


In the words of Dave DD Miller, the Derby Nerd: “Beautifully and meticulously put together…a surprisingly engaging read…as compelling a book about roller derby as the contemporary revival has seen.”


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